We have a varied selection of smoked fish, fresh fish, seafood and sauces.

Our permanent selection consists of:

- Salmon: fresh, frozen, warm smoked, cold smoked, najad (gravad and cold smoked), orange najad and limegravad.
- Cod: fresh, frozen, warm smoked and cold smoked.
- Char: fresh and warm smoked.
- Smoked mackerel with different seasonings.
- Smoked salmonfins.
- Fried & pickled herring.
- Salmonburgers: original with fresh fish and warmsmoked salmon & feta cheese.
- Shrimps: soaked, frozen, smoked and chillismoked.
- Homemade sauces: applesauce and terragon & garlic sauce.
- Other sauces: roesauce, aioli, gravlaxsauce etc.

Our selection of fresh fish varies during high season.
If you have any questions you can call us.
We also accept special orders!

In Böda Fisk och Rökeri we smoke everything the traditional way with wood!